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SSemantika Translations is a company specialized in delivering linguistic services. Our company was founded by Mr. Martin Côté, who is an experienced translator with an extensive background in translation in both public and private sectors. The company is providing translation services from English to French and French to English as well as other multiple languages such as Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Semantika translations stands out from other translation companies with its competitive pricing, strong quality assurance process and excellent client services. The fast growth and success of Semantika Translations are the result of the high level of knowledge of our experienced and certified translators and editors (Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec-OTTIAQ). Our translators have many years of experience and translate only in their native language and their area of expertise, which ensure faithful and high quality translations of the source texts.

Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec

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Semantika Translations

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Traductions Semantika’s mission is to provide you high quality linguistic services which suit your needs and budget. We commit to providing you with customized and professional services you need to achieve your communication goals. Thanks to the expertise and the high level of knowledge of our experienced translators and editors, we can make your projects a success.


• Translation of technical or general documents • Certified translation (birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas and degrees, academic transcripts, etc.).


We offer a multilingual editing service to ensure the accuracy of the translation by comparing the source text with the translated text. This service guarantees that the translation accurately reflects the source text.


The proofreading service aims to correct any possible typographical, orthographic, grammatical, syntax and stylistic error in a document. This service will provide you with a greater peace of mind and will help you to build your brand image.

Website Creation

In partnership with komm.ca, we offer you an “all-in-one” service including the design and the translation of your website.

Areas of expertise

Accounting • Agri-food industry • Communication • Environment • Food industry • Information Technology • Insurance • Law • Medical • Natural Resources • Occupational Safety & Health • Pharmacology • Public Safety • Telecommunications • Tourism • Website and much more…


« Thank you Mr. Côté for your excellent work. »
– Sanka Kangudi
Human Resource Management

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